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NHSPA is happy to accept job postings to display on our Members Only Job Board. If you have a job listing you would like to submit, follow the instructions below.

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NHSPA is offering advertising space for posting employment opportunities in our monthly membership emails. Our emails go out to over 600 NH PAs. Job opportunities will be posted for a period of three consecutive emails. At the time of posting a termination date will be listed. If the advertisement is not renewed it will be withdrawn on the termination date. The fee for a three month posting is $75. There is no fee for job postings that are placed for a current member of the NHSPA in good standing. Any fees for advertisements must be received prior to the posting. Advertisements should be forwarded electronically to after paying the $75 fee.

After submission of your PayPal payment, our board will review your advertising request. You will receive an email confirmation from our administrator within 72 hours of submission, confirming approval of the ad.

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